Latest Update: Manitou Stone Pipe Ceremony & Information Session

Aboriginal/First Nations: Manitou Stone Pipe Ceremony and Information Session (March 22, 2013)

This is a unique project for Radical Citizen Media, as I collaborated with another videographer to create this video, filmed at the Royal Alberta Museum. It serves as a record of the fascinating discussion about the Manitou Stone, which is a sacred object to the First Nations which was stolen and now is at the Museum, waiting to be repatriated. It is also an excellent introduction to the Stone and its history.

Latest Update: INM Planning Meeting Drums & Speaker

Idle No More: INM Planning Meeting Drums and Speaker (February 3, 2013). Naked Cybercafe (10303 108 Avenue) in Edmonton has donated space for weekly INM planning meetings on Sunday from 3-6 p.m. The first one took place on February 3 and featured drumming, speakers, and entertainment. This video shows the opening drum song and one of the speakers, Duane Good Striker, expressing concerning over a City of Edmonton project which, according to his research, will disturb sacred Aboriginal burial grounds.