Democracy not Robocracy in VUE Weekly

Some of Radical Citizen Media’s photos have been appearing in VUE Weekly.

Democracy Not Robocracy Rally #2
The protests against robocalls used in the last federal election continued on March 18. Organized by Occupy Edmonton, protesters gathered in Churchill Square joining a nation-wide call to action against the robocall controversy. (March 22 – March 28, 2012)

New Categories

There are a number of new categories for photos to reflect the diversity of the kinds of citizen engagement that goes on here in Edmonton. They include:

  • Arab Spring – Rallies supporting the uprisings in Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, and Syria.
  • Local Issues – Issues specific to Edmonton, as opposed to global movements.
  • May Day Marches – Formerly only linked under Labour, the annual May Day March now has a category of its own (like the Pride Parades).
  • Occupy Edmonton – A movement spawning many actions – enough to have its own category.
  • Organizations – With subcategories for such organizations as the Parkland Institute, Council of Canadians, Edmonton Anarchist Book Fair, Edmonton Small Press Association, and others.
  • Political Actions – Rallies and events that deal specifically with politics, like trying to influence public policy on a particular matter or broader issues like the (defeated) SPP and recent Robocall scandal.
  • Women’s Issues – Events dealing with human rights issues pertaining to women.