Welcome to Radical Citizen Media

Welcome to Radical Citizen Media. This website and blog is a portal to visual documentation of the activist scene in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Links to photo sets are organized by topic in the handy menu along the top of the screen.

Photos on this site date back to 2005 (some earlier) and represent many, many marches, rallies, and events. Even still, it is by no means a comprehensive archive of all activist happenings in the city. I hope it inspires others to get out there with cameras and record the world around them.

Many of you will know that the galleries appearing here were previously at another site called RaiseMyVoice.com. Why a new site? Well, the old one was getting cumbersome to update. Many of the categories were out of date or needed further subdivision. WordPress to the rescue! I also felt it was time for a new name that better captured the spirit of this ongoing project. Some of the photos are still hosted at the old domain, and I’ve kept my email address the same.

Peace and solidarity to all visitors!

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