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Anti-Racism Rally in VUE Weekly

Some of Radical Citizen Media’s photos have been appearing in VUE Weekly.

Anti-Racism Rally
The local representative for the Canada Council of Refugees, Juliana Cortes Lugo, speaks at the anti-racism rally on March 24. The rally was organized in opposition to a white pride rally that occurred on the same day. (March 29 – April 4, 2012)

Radical Shout-Outs

Radical Citizen Media was mentioned in two Edmonton-based blogs this week.

Prominent Edmonton blogger Mack Male discussed the site as part of his Media Monday Edmonton update for this week.

Meanwhile, Nadine Riopel states that she used Radical Citizen Media as part of her research (as well as a photo from Saturday’s Anti-Racism Rally) for her blog post To March or Not to March?

It is very exciting to see this site acknowledged as a credible and important archive of citizen engagement in Edmonton.

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Latest Update: Anti-Racism Rally

General Human Rights/Social Justice: Anti-Racism Rally (March 24, 2012)

Anti-Racism Rally

Anti-Racism Rally

Democracy not Robocracy in VUE Weekly

Some of Radical Citizen Media’s photos have been appearing in VUE Weekly.

Democracy Not Robocracy Rally #2
The protests against robocalls used in the last federal election continued on March 18. Organized by Occupy Edmonton, protesters gathered in Churchill Square joining a nation-wide call to action against the robocall controversy. (March 22 – March 28, 2012)

International Women’s Day in VUE Weekly

Some of Radical Citizen Media’s photos have been appearing in VUE Weekly


International Women's Day March and Rally
Close to 200 women and allies marched from Tipton Park to Luther Centre on Saturday, March 10 in honour of International Women’s Day. (March 15 – March 21, 2012)

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New Categories

There are a number of new categories for photos to reflect the diversity of the kinds of citizen engagement that goes on here in Edmonton. They include:

  • Arab Spring – Rallies supporting the uprisings in Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, and Syria.
  • Local Issues – Issues specific to Edmonton, as opposed to global movements.
  • May Day Marches – Formerly only linked under Labour, the annual May Day March now has a category of its own (like the Pride Parades).
  • Occupy Edmonton – A movement spawning many actions – enough to have its own category.
  • Organizations – With subcategories for such organizations as the Parkland Institute, Council of Canadians, Edmonton Anarchist Book Fair, Edmonton Small Press Association, and others.
  • Political Actions – Rallies and events that deal specifically with politics, like trying to influence public policy on a particular matter or broader issues like the (defeated) SPP and recent Robocall scandal.
  • Women’s Issues – Events dealing with human rights issues pertaining to women.
  • Videos

    Videos are now conveniently linked from the main menu. You can search for video playlists by event or by subject matter.

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